The Skatecase Agenda has been designed to be the #1 cruiser board in the world. It is 32" long, 10" wide, and has a one of a kind curvature. It comes equipped with reverse kingpin trucks and 65 mm 78A wheels. This is the only board in the world with built in storage and comes from 8 years of Skatecase design and Engineering. 



    Let's forget this board even has built in storage for a minute. Yes, pretend it is just a cruiser with no storage. The curvature of the Skatecase Agenda is specifically designed for cruising. Our curves are extremely difficult to mimic with wood. Using high strength composite materials in combination with injection molding has given us the advantage. We have been able to bring the curvature from the sides all the way through to the tail. This gives you more leverage and more control for carving around town, speeding downhill, or hitting the bowls.

Advanced Composites 

   Our advanced composite material is top secret. However, it is super lightweight and durable. Using advanced computer software with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we were able to cut out sections of material and add ridges where needed. This reduces weight and adds grip for the rider while maintaing strength. FEA allows you to stress the board in computer simulations and see how it reacts. It will show you stress concentrations, where the board will break, and more. In short, it's how aerospace companies make their stuff. 


   Ok, now let's talk about the storage. Skatecase has been designed for simplicity. Our boards are made of only two parts, the board and the lid. The lid contains one half of both hinge and locking mechanism while the board has the other half. The storage section actually adds strength to the boards design. The "angles" of the box act as stiffeners and any resulting stress transfers through the ridges that extend towards the nose and tail. Injection molding has really given us an advantage. With as few parts as possible, Skatecase is designed to survive the test of time.