Skatecase was originally designed in 2009 by Alexei Novitzky (aka Looshes) while skating from class to class over at USF. He didn't like wearing a backpack so he decided to put his books in his board. He then wrote a patent and started making handmade boards for his friends.           

     Alexei founded Looshes Labs LLC in 2011, an engineering and design firm, in order to move his vision forward. He believes strongly in community and working together for a greener future. 

     Looshes Labs LLC works hand in hand (literally) with local businesses to bring this vision forward. While funding his original journey, Looshes worked handyman jobs, lawn and landscape, martial arts instructing, piano gigs and lessons, math tutoring, and many other jobs all while giving speeches on innovation and creativity at places such as local libraries, high schools, community colleges, universities, and even national museums. He decided to connect the dots.

    Alexei (Looshes) Novitzky promoting innovation at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum 

     (Alexei Novitzky promoting innovation at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum)

     In collaboration with local companies, Looshes Labs LLC hosts events geared to unite, educate, and inspire. Past examples include "Looshes Labs Presents: A Skateboard Renaissance,""Skate Race at Gadsden Park," and our "Ollie Workshops."   

     We have even taken the Skatecase to the next level. We've animated the Skatecase into a cartoon character called "Ollie the Skatecase." In this mini-cartoon series, Ollie and Looshes go on adventures promoting green technology, sustainability, and education. Ollie has t-shirts, card games, board games, coloring books, online video games, online cartoons, Ollie workshops (where Looshes teaches students ages 6-10 concepts such as 3D modeling and video game design.) and even Ollie the Skatecase birthday parties with Ollie Cake included!   

     It's all about paving a green future with Looshes Labs LLC. 


You can contact us by calling (813)-340-3835 or emailing Looshes at Looshes@LooshesLabs.com