The Skatecase Journey

The Skatecase Agenda

September 15, 2017 Alexei Novitzky

The Skatecase Agenda

Hi everyone, Looshes here again.       Whew, what a journey it's been. Dealing with patents, making powerpoints presentations, going to pitch events and everything ending up going full circle.       For those who don't know. It all started while I was skating at USF receiving my master's in Engineering. I was so tired of having to carry around both backpack and skateboard that I eventually built the first Skatecase. All I ever had were a few pencils, a notepad, and maybe a TI-83 calculator besides my wallet, keys, and cell-phone. Bicycles were annoying because you had to lock...

"Real Skaters" ride Anything

September 10, 2017 Alexei Novitzky

Hello, Looshes here again,,,     Here I will share how the Skatecase is a creation of World Class Skaters.    (Looshes and Jimmy Soladay jamming on skateboards in NYC. Jimmy is holding a handmade Skatecase designed specifically for the Broadway Bomb)       During my Skatecase journey, I met many different people while on the various jobs I was doing. One of them was Jay Jay. He is a super chill guy. I met him in Tampa FL, while laying down some sheet metal on a roof job. We talked about Skatecase and then months went by.     This...

A Book from the Stars

October 09, 2016 Alexei Novitzky

Hi guys, Looshes here again... And well,, we all live in a relative world. (random fun fact, my grandfather was pen pals with Albert Einstein.)        So during my Skatecase journey, I ended up also writing a book called "Your Influence in Space." I wrote the entire book in 3 days and really just couldn't stop until I was finished. It could be considered a little "out there" to most, but again. Everything is relative.     To put things in perspective, the first time I rode a bicycle was in my dreams at the age of 5. When...

Broken Bones Heal Stronger

October 05, 2016 Alexei Novitzky

Hello, Looshes here again... This time i'd like to talk about the time I shattered my left arm. Shattering my left arm was definitely a tough time throughout my Skatecase journey. For work, I was mowing lawns, doing handyman work, teaching martial arts, and playing and teaching piano. In fact, I was set for my first "big gig" at Howl at the Moon in Channelside Tampa. Howl at the Moon is a bar that has dueling pianist. However, fate or destiny said otherwise.       I was playing in soccer game the weekend before the show. I typically play as center...

A Skateboard Renaissance

September 30, 2016 Alexei Novitzky

Hello,     Looshes here. Let's continue on our Skatecase journey to the time of Looshes Labs Presents: A Skateboard Renaissance. (click the words to watch a video walk through!)      It all started when I was on stage at the Tampa Bay Business Journal Award Ceremony. I wasn't even sure why I was there to be honest, but let's move forward. (Fun side story, for this I actually nominated myself and then was awarded Finalist for Innovation of the Year, I won a shiny plaque and everything.)       During the award ceremony, I was approached by...